Speedy Appliance Freeport NY - Overcharging for a small dryer part

Roslyn Heights, New York 0 comments

My whirlpool dryer was not heating so I called speedy appliance service.The guy came on 7-8-13 at 4.30pm for that I need to *** from office.

He said the electronic ignition cord is not working and needs to be replaced. the charges were $120.00 for part and $175.00 for labor. I searched online for part which cost me $30.00 with shipping and got it fixed by my handyman for$50.00.

This company is totally rip off, not professional and never never to be trusted.

I was totally pissed off and disappointed as my whole day was wasted and dryer was not fixed.

Review about: Whirlpool Dryer.

Speedy Appliance Freeport NY - Misdiagnosed Problem, Overcharged and Didn't Fix!

New York City, New York 0 comments

The representative came to our house and after a couple of hours claimed to have fixed a dishwasher ($450) and a viking stove ($1000) neither of which was fixed.Another representative came out and proclaimed the first representative misdiagnosed both items and would correct them.

They replaced a couple of items worth that did not fix the over and we have a new quote for $500 from another appliance specialist that we will have to pay. The reality is what they replaced did not fix the resulting gas/noise blast from the oven. Add to this the first representative was unprofessional requesting the phone number of our baby sitter, who declined and was left feeling very uncomfortable in our house with this service representative. They accepted the dishwasher was not fixed, since we proved we had to replace it!

However they still claim to have fixed the Viking.

It is not fixed.Misdiagnosing problems, price gouging for services that did not fix the issues, and inappropriate behavior should be a warning to all consumers considering this company.

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